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Knowing What to do in a Car Accident

When you get in your car and go off to work in the morning, you never know what kind of drivers you’ll encounter on the
road. Some will be nice, some will not be. As you try to enter the highway, you get your first taste of a driver who is in the
“not nice” category….the aggressive driver. He will speed up to prevent you from merging from the acceleration lane
because that right lane “belongs” to him. Steer clear of this menace.

It’s not easy being a driver these days. Increasing numbers of motorists like the ones described above make it difficult to
avoid accidents. And I hope you never experience an accident. It can be a traumatic event. But if you are involved in an
accident, here are things you should do:

(1.) Make an assessment to see if anyone needs medical attention.
(2.) Call the police and notify them if anyone needs medical attention.
(3.) Exchange vehicle registration and insurance information with the other driver.
(4.) Write down names and telephone numbers of witnesses.
(5.) If you have a disposable camera, take pictures of the cars and accident scene.

If anyone needs immediate medical care, that takes first priority over everything! Nothing is more important! Everything
else can be resolved in a courtroom or collision shop.

Once that’s done, collect your thoughts about how the accident occurred. Don’t make statements like, “I’m so sorry…it
was my fault” Even if you think you were at fault, there may be circumstances that show otherwise. Maybe the other
driver did something he isn’t telling you about. Wait for the police to arrive and give your statement to them. If you feel
the other driver was at fault, say so to the police. There’s no point in arguing the matter beforehand with the other
driver. If the other driver insists he is not at fault, do you really think you’re going to get him to change his mind?

Keep in mind that even if the other side knows they were wrong, they may still lie, human nature being what it is. People
lie when if they are afraid of increased insurance premiums, license suspension, being yelled at by an angry parent, or
with some people, they regrettably feel no shame in lying. You cannot stop people from lying, However, a good lawyer
can expose those lies in court.

If you would like to learn more about motor vehicle law or how to protect your rights in the event of an accident, you can
contact me at (718) 224-9824, t.akpinar@verizon.net, or www.benimavukatim.com .

© 2005 Timur Akpinar
You should also be alert for the pre-occupied
driver….this one can’t stop replaying in his
head the argument he had with his wife at
breakfast that morning. He’s off in another
world, oblivious to the traffic around him. In all
fairness, this can be any of us on any given
day. What about that important executive…we’
ve all encountered her…she absolutely MUST
close that business deal right then and there on
her cell phone, at 60 mph. Her selfish
arrogance jeopardizes the safety of everyone
around her. And then of course, there is the
lunatic, ready to run you off the road if you look
at him the wrong way. At one time or another,
we’ve all had the misfortune of encountering
one of these drivers.